Automatic Scene Detection?

I’m fairly new to Shotcut, so pardon this post if the answer is well-known or in a FAQ.

My question is: does Shotcut have automatic scene detection? I’m working on editing a ton of home movies with zillions of scenes, and auto scene detection would make things go much faster and far less tedious.


No. Not yet.

So, you mean that you have only one clip with lots of scenes like digitally recording and rendering from an old VHS-Tape?

Yes … I have a many 2 hour analog video tapes that have been digitized, and now I need to separate and edit a zillion scenes. Finding each scene by hand in each 2 hour video is laborious. This is where the power of a computer to identify where the scenes are would be really welcome.

A forum member published a motion detection program which might help you (Motion Detection App for Shotcut). It is still not automatic but it reduces the time substantially and it is generating a mlt file so you can edit the output directly in Shotcut.

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I wrote the motion detection app above and I have wondered whether it could be used for rough editing with polishing in SC. One tip would be to set the SC dissolve setting to 0 so there are no transitions when you open the output file in SC. This will make it easier to trim the clip ends.

Please let me know how you get on and if there are any improvements you can suggest

Thanks to both samth and Davo for the tip. I’ll give it a try.

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