Motion Detection App for Shotcut

I just released a test version of my motion detection app for Windows here. It analyses hours of videos and presents them as a grid of thumbnails that you can click on to select the in and out frames of any events. It sounds long winded but I can analyse hours of videos in just a few minutes.

Output is to a Shotcut file containing all the events you detected. You can alter the lead-in and lead-out for each event as well as the length of dissolves between events. Great for bird feeders, bees on flowers or anything with intermittent events.


Dave, this is brilliant and to create a result that can be fed directly into Shotcut is a stroke of genius. Anyone processing webcam footage should seriously consider using it.


I agree with @Elusien it is a great idea but it’s limited in that it’s only for Windows.

Hi @Davo - wow, what a wonderful idea. I just spent a few minutes trying it out, not knowing quite how it’s intended to work, but after two goes I’m beginning to see how useful it could be.

One observation, though - the “page up/down” arrows on the analyse page don’t seem to work for me - it seems to skip from page 1 to 11, then 41… I had to type a number in manually. Related to this issue, it would be good to see scroll bars instead of (or as an alternative to) “go to page …”, So I could scroll through the thumbnails much more intuitively.

This app would be a really great tool for quickly identifying sections of a long video. The SC file it creates does all the work of cutting out unwanted portions. Genius!! I will continue to try it out. Thanks for producing it and sharing it here :+1::+1::+1:

Ah, I can see that the “go to page” is intentional, allowing you to scroll forwards 10 pages at a time. I get it! Would still like to have scrollbars, though, if that is possible (I wouldn’t have a clue how to program it myself though, am in awe of how you did it)…:smiley::smiley:

Sorry to make one more comment but I wondered f there could be an option to save aproject? I just analyzed a 20-minute video then closed your app.It would be nice to be able to go back to it without having to analyse again.

Thanks for the comments above. Here are some quick notes:

  1. The app uses ffmpeg to scan the videos so it should be able to read videos from any source, not just webcams.
  2. I have added scroll bars to my todo list.
  3. Project data is saved in the SC file header and also the autosave file “0temp.MLT”. To reload a project, first load your thumbnails and then click on the “Load Shotcut Events” button. Select the SC file to load and all your saved events will be loaded.

Great @Davo , thanks for addressing my comments. Will try it out again soon.

Is there a fullinstaller to download?
Your ‘setup.exe’ seems to be an online installer.

My app uses Microsoft ClickOnce to install the app on your PC. ClickOnce is handy for me and users because updates are automatic (and optional). The initial install page is here

Once installed, DMD will offer to update itself as required.

Sorry, but I don’t like, that M$ controls my PC.
And what of those users who aren’t hardwired by the Matr…, uhm, Internet?
IMHO it’s a disadvantage only to get it by an internet installer. :frowning:

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