Automatic resolution after crop filter

In avidemux, after using the Crop filter, the app will automatically resize the video to the cropped resolution.
Is there a way for shotcut to change the resolution based on the Crop filter? thanks.

Simple answer: No.

Crop filters work within the Video Mode.
You can always create a custom video mode if you already know the size you need.

Thanks. when using Export, shotcut does not automatically keep the ratio when I change the X or Y of the resolution, like other apps do.
How do I make it do that?

Also, please let us the resolution to the aspect ratio when exporting. Set ratio first, make the res conform. thanks.

Shotcut sets the export defaults to be the same as the Video Mode. For what you’re wanting to do, the Video Mode should be used to drive everything.

The export overrides are there for unusual circumstances like anamorphic video or a resize for multi-resolution delivery to a client. Export overrides are not meant to be the normal workflow. That’s why aspect ratio and resolution are not locked. An override suggests something unconventional is about to happen, and a lock would get in the way.

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