Automatic create slideshow video from a folder with pictures and an audio clip

Shotcut is great and I am using it to create lots of photo slideshow videos, thanks dev team!
Since the photo slideshow video is kind of simple format and standard, so I am thinking if we can write some sort of scripts to generate the slideshow video automatically.
I am using Ubuntu, Shotcut can be launched from cli with reading in a folder, then we need load pictures and add the pictures into slideshow timeline, load a music clip and add it into audio track timeline, trim the music clip to the same length as the video timeline, export the video.
All above can be done with keyboard shortcut, so maybe doable, does anyone had tried these?
Thanks in advance.

If you are looking for something completely automated Shotcut is not the tool for you. Rather, perhaps you want to write something that uses its engine MLT. Shotcut is by design an interactive manual tool. But the below can help a lot if you do not already know about it.

Also, you can launch shotcut with a command line argument of a wildcard path such as shotcut ~/Pictures/* and it will load them into the Playlist view for you. After that it is a few short steps to use the slideshow generator, add an audio track, add the music, and export.

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