Auto Editor to Shotcut

I found a tool called in python to remove the silence … it works to shotcut and others editor …

Maybe can be added to shotcut in the future …

Just ideas to improve, ok ?

Thanks in advance !


I agree, this will be a great addition and it has already been added to the Shotcut - Road Map. Auto-Editor, and other similar Python scripts, also have the ability to remove “motionless” sections of video but there’s definitely room for improvement. When I saw “automatic silence detection/removal” had been added to the road map, I suggested adding Automatic Still Video Detection & Removal - Suggestion - Shotcut Forum as well.



Oh, that’s interesting. I was working on a similar tool (auto-editing) as a side project for a few weeks earlier this year. It’s not publicly available yet and focuses on a different use-case: Ai-powered auto-editor

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