Automatic Still Video Detection & Removal

I noticed “automatic silence detection/removal” at the bottom of the Road Map list and it got me excited, I think this would be a fantastic addition!

Along the same lines, an “Automatic Still Video Detection / Removal” feature would be a huge time saver for me. Instead of looking for quiet parts in the audio, it would look for sections where the video is mostly unchanged. It would be nice to be able to adjust the sensitivity and also configure “padding” on each end of each cut as well.

For example, cut out all still video with less than 1% motion starting 5 frames after the last movement and ending 5 frame before the next movement. The movement threshold and number of frames could be adjusted to fit the situation.

There are python scripts available that use ffmpeg to remove silence as well as “motionless” sections in the video. I’ve played around with them but I’m unable to obtain the results I’m looking for when it comes to removing still sections of video. It’s mainly because there aren’t enough threshold options.

These scripts are also inefficient since they require processing the clips outside of Shotcut. It would be awesome if something like this was fine tuned and incorporated into Shotcut.