Audio Waveform in preview box

I ask if it’s possible to see the audio waveform, that appears in the timeline,
when I drag an audio or I play an audio from playlist.

The current box doesn’t show anything but should be recycled

Can you explain your suggestion? Are you asking for the waveform to be displayed in the playlist? Or you want it to show on the preview display?

Maybe the Audio Waveform Visualization filter is of interest to you.

hi, sorry for confusing…
I ask for a waveform inside the preview display instead of those unuseful squares.
The target is to identify select and cut specific audio from a music or sound in order to put them in the timeline.
In any case waveform of the entire sound should be great enough… my beautiful red line in the shoot was meaning that :slight_smile:

thank you

I guess what you mean is:

  • Drag an audio file in the Preview window (Source)
  • Find and select the parts you need, and send them to the timeline.

To help identify those parts, you’d like that in the preview window, there would be the same kind of waveform as the one seen on the clips in the timeline.
Something like this maybe?

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yes exactly