Audio playing out of the left channel only.

I was using Shotcut to edit a video recently and decided to update the program. After updating for some reason all of the audio tracks started to play only out of the left audio channel. This is only happening in Shotcut as I tried playing a youtube video and both audio channels are working. Is there a simple quick and easy fix or do I have to add the copy channel filter to every audio track in order to fix it?

Is it the same video that you are playing everywhere?
Maybe the one you are editing only has 1 channel, and the video you played on yt has two channels.

Make sure your Audio Channels are set to “2 (stereo)”.

The audio works normally in VLC. It’s only in shotcut that it’s playing out of one audio channel.

I checked and it was set to “2 (stereo)”. I’m not entirely sure what I could’ve done to make it so the audio played out of the left channel only. It seems to only have affected the beginning portion of the video I edited. The part that I didn’t edit yet played out of both audio channels.

Here are a couple more suggestions:

  1. Close Shotcut and reopen it.

  2. Take a screenshot of your project showing the section that is not working. Maybe we will see something in the UI that will give a clue.

It only really affected the beginning portion I edited. Additionally it didn’t only affect one audio track it affected all three. The video track didn’t run into the same issue though. I’ve already fixed the problem with the copy channel filter, but I still don’t know what could’ve caused it.