Audio keyframes automaticly switches off

I have problem with keyframes switching off when adding new keyframe.I added a filter gain and volume to audio path and when im adding new keyframe its switching off keyframes for this filter.Sometimes its switching off when i select other clip or path.


Exactly what I logged on to report

Can you add more description to your problem?

Have you added the gain filter to a clip, a track or the main output?

When you add a keyframe do some keyframes disappear but others are do not change?

Can you provide a screenshot to show the problem.

If you add a filter to a clip, and then select a different clip, the UI will switch to show the filter for the selected clip. Could this be what is happening?

First i added audio path and then i added gain filter to this path and when i have a couple of keyframes added and i want to add new keyframe all keyframes are disapearing even this what i added last.You can see on screenshot that it look like it wasn’t turned on but it was.

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Mine is being added to the gain filter as well. When I try to edit it by changing the value, I lose the already added keyframes - the entirety. It is also entirely removed from other tracks that have been Gain keyframed.

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And if i want to add new keyframe now it will delete all keyframes

Windows 10
Shotcut 21.01.29

Workaround: Click on the keyframes icon once to reactivate. Should be highlighted after clicking once.

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Excellent report. Can you check if it occurs with other filters or only the gain filter?

I just tried with SPR filter with a png image… no problem there.
Haven’t tried any other filter yet.

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Thanks for the report everyone. I found the problem and it will be fixed for the next release. It seems to be isolated to the Gain filter. If you see a similar issue with other filters, please let me know.


I notice you have a filter added to “Output”, is that intentional? If not, remove it and see if your problem still exists.

Thanks Brian for the hard work. I’m trying to go back to version 20.11.28 but the download link here goes to version 20.11.29. Please help.

Previous version can be found here:

All versions can be found here:

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Same thing is happening to me; when I select another track, the Keyframes for Gain is switched off on the track where i am using it.

@brian fixed this for the next version 21.02.Filters that were affected by this problem were:

  • Audio Gain/Volume
  • Audio Pan
  • Audio Pitch
  • Video Saturation

Now that we have 21.02.05-beta for testing, we all rejoice that this has indeed been fixed.

I have Shotcut version 21.01.29 and it’s still not fixed. All the gain/volume changes I spent hours making gone. The problem keeps happening after I return to the saved version with most of my changes and I’m only making the final change to my video. There must be a patch somewhere, this is absolutely frustrating.

It is fixed in 21.03.21, which I highly reccommend.

Didn’t know there was an update available, I’ll try it!

There are two which are relevant. (Perhaps 3)
21.03.21 which works well
21.05.01 which has known bugs.
21.05.18(?) which is an unknown, which is expected to be released literally any minute now.