Audio fade

Why is the audio fade in/out so abrupt?
It seems to be very non linear.
With the audio fade it’s there one second and gone the next or, vice versa. Even if I stretch to 10 seconds for example.
There is no slow fading in/out as you would expect if using a fader slide for example.
Is there a nicer way to do audio fade in/out?

Yes. Use the Gain/Volume audio filter with Keyframes.

Tutorial on Keyframes:


Hudsons reply is a great solution and gives you greater control.

However, audio fades work OK for me most of the time and you shouldn’t be having the issues you are imo. I’ve encountered situations where the fade either stops working or never ever did, in which case I’ve had to remove the fade filter entirely and reapply it (not just unticking the box). Have you tried that?

Its not a case of the audio fade not working, my comments are related to the characteristics of the fade itself. If you’ve ever spent time on a mixing desk operating manual fading in a linear fashion you should understand what i mean.
The fade filter is just not linear whatsoever.
Anyway. Seems like i will try the keyframe option for certain sections, it does seem like a bit of a long way round though to whack in an audio fade spontaneously.
Maybe ill get accustomed to it!

That sounds like a cool feature request and something that imho could be done on a midi controller.

OBS has it as a plug in - GitHub - lebaston100/MIDItoOBS: A python script to use one or multiple midi input device(s) to control OBS-Studio functions without wasting keyboard hotkeys (including some sort of macro support) from anywhere in the network.

I don’t think Shotcut has anything like this at the moment.


OK fair enough. I misinterpreted the below to mean the fade length doesn’t change, even after stretching to 10 seconds.

I’m familiar with the non linear aspect of the audio fade, as it has been discussed on here before (more than once, if I’m not mistaken) and keyframe is the usual response.

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