Audio clip properties - sync slider does nothing

When I right-click on an audio clip in the timeline and choose Properties, there is a slider called “Sync”.
I can slide between -1000ms to +1000ms but there is no change.
But when I slide the same thing in audio-video clip, it does change the sync between audio and video.
Is it a bug or not jet implemented feature?
I would like to use audio from separate recorder and sync it very precise with the audio from video but can’t. I need more precision than video framerate precision.

Interesting. I did a brief experiment with a short clip. If I used the sync setting on audio that is included within a video clip, it works perfectly. But as Sugar_Rocket says, if the audio is split out by itself, sync has no effect. I can see where it would be really, really useful to be able to adjust that!

On edit: a round about way to handle this would be to export the audio to Audacity, and adjust it there. But that could be quite tedious. I vote for making sync work on an individual audio clip!

This is not a bug. There is nothing with which to sync! The synchronization is between the audio and video within a clip, but yours only has audio.

I wondered if that would be the case. But given that, it would be helpful to have a filter that adjusts the start of the sound in milliseconds - as the OP notes, adjusting audio by frames is often too coarse.

Or maybe instead of “sync,” audio-only clips could have an “offset” setting … ?

I made a change for the next version to hide Properties > Sync when it is not applicable.

You can use the Delay audio filter and set Feedback to its lowest value -70 to introduce a simple audio delay. If you used Detach Audio in the timeline, you can still use Properties > Audio > Sync on the video clip. That might seem weird, but there is a technical reason for it as it is controlling a property named video_delay that affects the A/V synchronization algorithm in the audio/video clip reading component. So why not put the slider into the Video tab? Because A) that tab is crowded and B) most people think “audio sync” and with combined audio/video clips (the majority) that is what it effectively does.

Actually, I tried detaching the audio and using sync on the resulting audio track, and it did not work.

I know, but that is not what I said to do.

Dan, I may have misunderstood. This is the line from your previous post that I was responding to:

Now that I look more closely, I see that you stressed the video clip, where I was trying to act on the audio clip - is this the part that I missed? I’ll have to go back and try that.

Thanks for all you do, and for your patience with our endless questions!!

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