Audio Bugs with Latest Version

I have been experiencing numerous bugs over the last few weeks with audio.

First Bug - I will select and audio track segment Click filters add gain/ volume and change the volume to a lower level. I will select another audio segment and go back to my original segment and the gain / volume change is there every time but only about 50% of the time is the actual level change there

Second Bug - This is more recent but I am experiencing a weird glitch where I mute a video segment and 90% of the video segment is muted. The last 10% becomes unmuted and i don’t notice it because of how random it is. It happened 5x in one of my videos. at 18:00 for example

Both of these bugs are still happen and I’m uncertain what to do.

I am also experiencing much more crashes in this version than previously when placing one audio track on top of another in order to blend the music. It happens approximately 10% of the time.

Which version are you using? Version 18.05.08 is the latest. The previous version of 18.05 had bugs and has been removed.

Make sure you’re downloading from here:

When installing the new version there should be an option to clear the registry settings of the old program.

If the problem still exists it might be helpful to provide your computer’s specifications, like hardware, OS, and even uploading the saved mlt file (just drag the file into the reply window). People more experienced with this software will know how to comprehend the mlt file.

I am running Version 18.05.08.

I am running Windows 7
Intel i5-6500 3.20GHz
EVGA Geforce GTX 1070 8 GB GDDR5
16 GB Ram
All Drivers Up to date
Will provide more PC specs as needed.

raidzoro.mlt (68.3 KB)

This is a known bug already fixed for the next version. Workaround is simple. Move the playhead to anywhere in the middle of the clip and not the first or last frame.

This is also a known bug already fixed for the next version. The filters were not resized time-wise after you change its duration by trimming. You can remove and re-add the filters to fix it, and I already understand that is terribly inconvenient.
Next version is due June 2.

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Awesome glad to know its getting fixed