Audio bug/crackeling when playing in timeline

It appears to be a random thing because sometimes I can play videos in the player/timeline flawlessly without the audio crackling and sometimes not (same files). The exported file doesn’t have this.

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It is a known thing, it is what it is. Use proxy and preview scaling features to reduce it.

I updated from an older version to the newest one and thats when this all started. Is this a bug that is going to be fixed? How exactly can I use the proxy? It seems a bit stressful to always create one if I only want to edit a short clip.

If this bug occurs the audio is even stuttering in the preview window for sources

I don’t know what to tell you. Shotcut has always and will always have some crackling in its preview audio output because video processing is very intensive and sometimes the audio is sacrificed. So, to me it is normal and frequent complaint that I tend to ignore. The problem gets worse with the more work you give it: resolution, frame rate, and effects. You think it is a new problem after an upgrade, but I do not know that you are comparing exactly the same things from before and after. You would need to work in exactly the same project or nearly so to make a fair comparison. But the version 23.07 release notes says this:

  • Fixed another very old bug on Windows where sound does not follow the default output device, for example plugging headphones, until you restart the app. Please note that if you are using Settings > Audio Channels > 6 (5.1) after the default sound output changes, you will likely experience distortion in the audio playback until you restart the app.

Maybe you are affected by that change in a manner that I did not experience on my systems while testing it. I completely expect this change will negatively affect some users because that’s the way things are with tech especially on PC where there is so much variety that things never can go perfectly for everyone. But you are the first to potentially report a problem that may be tied to that. Maybe you want to downgrade to version 22.12 (listed on the Download page for Windows 7/8). You can get the portable version and run its shotcut.exe after extracting so you can have both installed at the same time and make your own comparison for which version you will continue to use.

The crackeling is not just simple it disorts the audio in a manner that it is not possible to hear what someone is saying in a recording. It appears randomly and sometimes a system restart fixes it. Proxy does sadly not help with it.

I do not know your system specifications. But I saw a dramatic reduction in preview crackling when I upgraded my hard drive from HDD to SSD.

Also, it helps me if I keep other applications closed when I am using Shotcut.

I have an r7 5800x and a 3070. Sadly closing other applications does bot seem to help

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Do all applications crackle such as media players and YouTube in a browser? Or does only Shotcut crackle?

no, only shotcut

See this related post where I explain a possible solution

Thank you!
I added the command to the target for the .exe and it seems to have fixed it.

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