Assets moved after exporting

I used keyframes to animate a logo with the scale filter and it looked fine when I had the project opened but after I exported the video with the default settings, the logo’s position changed and was out of place. This has happened to other parts in my video and I am very confused as to what is causing this.

Here Is a video of my issue. (I’m not very good at explaining things)

What you mean is clear from your video. I don’t have an answer at this point. But e.g. showing the youtube logo scale properties might be of help to someone more experienced with keyframes and help you to get an answer.

Okay, I will get a pic of them up later, but this hasn’t just happened to assets with keyframes, it has also happened to other things that have the rotate and scale filter but with no keyframes. It must be a bug with the rotate and scale filter. I’ve been using Shotcut for years now and this is the first ever time that something like this as happened to me.

If you’re using preview scaling, it might be what’s causing the issue. See this thread.

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What I don’t understand is that I managed to do the first two animations fine but the other two messed up. This does look like the issue that I am having though so thank you for showing me this :+1:

I think this has fixed my problem! I really appreciate the help!

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