Are there custom fonts?

So i will start with saying that i have edited four videos with shotcut only and i am loving it i switched from using lightworks, Now i want to add my own font instead of using the given ones is that possible if not will it be a future feature? and i cant seem to export full hd videos aswell only 720p thats not a big problem but still and today i was editing this big video about 4 gigabyte and shotcut crashed many times will adding text and adding music tracks.

but my main concern is adding custom fonts as i make minecraft videos i need a little pixel-y or 8 bit type font.


Fonts: If you install a font on your system, it will appear in the Text filter’s font options. If you are looking for a pixel font you might want to check out the links in this recent thread: Sauron’s Video Title - great work!

File size: Shotcut is definitely able to handle large files. My first guess is that your source video has a variable framerate, which is notorious for causing problems with Shotcut. Can you give us any details about the source files?

Exporting: Shotcut is definitely capable of exporting at full hd. Can you give more details about not being able to export? Is it crashing, or do you not see other export options, or…?

Please also consider this post when asking for help, as the more specific information that you share the better people on the forum can help you: Requesting Support

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There was a bug that was just fixed in this area for the next version:

Choose something in Settings > Video Mode besides Automatic for your next project.

thanks for the info :smile:

thank you so much jon!