Sauron's Video Title - great work!

Hi Sauron,

This is the project I mentioned. Just for the hell of it I made a video title and trailer for four of my favourite beatbox artists (!).

All done in Shotcut - no other programmes used (apart from ClipGrab to capture the source clips from Youtube). There’s a LOT of keyframing work in this one!

Note the sliding blue and pink boxes in the intro (all colour clips). Also, hope you like my “shaking text” - done with advanced keyframing of the text filter.


Excellent video. The sliding boxes are great and the shaking text’s very good. You have some very good fonts on your system.

People keep complaining about what they cannot do with Shotcut. I think they ought to concentrate on what can be done with some imagination and good use of filters. This video shows it’s capabilities.

Maybe they ought to add a demo section to the Shotcut web page and add some of these videos to it to show off what can be done with Shotcut. It’s come a long way since I started using it.

Would you mind sharing the mlt for your video? If you don’t want it to be public you could PM it.


Very happy to share the mlt file, sauron!. More detailed reply coming soon… busy right now… Jon

Hi sauron, apologies for the delay - got held up with a few things (life just gets in the way sometimes… )

I’ve uploaded to dropbox files relating to my video for you to look at, but bear in mind that for several parts of the video I exported the sections as mp4s then imported them back into the project (I did this so as not to overload shotcut or my CPU!). These include the opening sequence with sliding boxes and the shaking text sequences.

So - I’ve included most files used in the project, I think, plus the mlts of the sections I mentioned above, but minus the source videos which I captured from Youtube, which would be too large to include for you to download.

Hope this gives you an idea of what I did, anyway. Enjoy!
Best wishes

Hey Jon,

Thanks for sharing. Appreciate it very much.

Have a good one. And keep up the great work.:+1:

Hi sauron, Oops, forgot to include the mlt file with just the moving stripes (no text)!

Beatboxing title 01.mlt (15.9 KB)

No problem, hope you find it useful.

I’ve been following this thread and have to say great work guys. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with what I’ve been able to achieve with Shotcut since key-frames were introduced, and the projects showcased in this thread certainly go a long way towards illustrating that potential.

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Yes, I’m always on the lookout for exciting fonts!
Recently I discovered fonts by a guy called pizzadude. They are great for video titles.
Free to download from here.

Free to use for private use but donations are encouraged.

The fonts I used in my Beatboxing project are:

10 minutes (pizzadude),
BLUEFISH SCRATCHED demo (not by pizzadude but still downloadable from ,
20.000 dollar bail (pizzadude).

Hope this helps!

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Ah, thanks, QDSOV. Tell you what, messing with keyframes is a whole lot of fun! :grinning::grinning:


Thanks Jon.
I shall take a look at the pizzadude’s fonts.

This site has some interesting fonts.

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Well Jonray - you’ve made me smile twice today :smiley:

Not only does your video above feature Reggie Watts, but you name-checked Pizzadude, one of my favourites for cartoon/pop culture fonts. Looing down my fonts list I can see quite a few of theirs which get regular use:
Dizzy Edge
Dream & Sugar
Monkey Hat
Mucho Macho
Murky Buzz
Scratch My Back
Skater dude

To name but a few…

Another VERY useful font artiste in the public domain that I’ve learned to appreciate greatly is Vernon Adams - plenty of very attractive fonts in both formal and informal styles. In fact “Bowlby One SC” has become the signature font for the YouTube channel I’m currently putting together.

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Great info, thanks so much!! I’ll look into that.

Yes, I do recommend looking at Reggie Watts’ stuff on Youtube. The guy is nuts, but a genius. So funny!! :joy:

“Bangers” downloaded immediately! Love these! Thank you.

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What a great thread! I want to thank both @jonray and @sauron for having this dialog in public because I was able to see the cool possibilities that Shotcut can offer if you know the program. I wanted to really test out the Keyframes feature but the bug I reported on before with the drag handles discouraged me. Thankfully that got taken care of with the August build so know I feel much more motivated to play around with it.

@jonray, I assume that with that nice video of the Beatboxers you put together what you did for the intro was create that background with the moving colors and save that as a separate mlt file. Then you started a separate project, opened that mlt file and then put the additional text on it. Right?

I was trying to figure out how you did the cool shaky text effect. Was that Rotate and Scale with Advanced Keyframes? I was experimenting and I couldn’t really get it. Can you share any tips?

I’m going to try doing that diamond mask filter with the rounded box that @sauron did and see if I can get that right.

Thanks again, both of you!

Thank YOU, @A.Erwin, for your positive feedback!! Most appreciated!:grinning::grinning:

Nearly - after creating the moving boxes with size/position keyframes, I exported the clip as an mp4:

then re-imported into a new SC project, then added the white lines and text:

I’ve since learned from Dan @shotcut that it’s better if I’d exported as a quicktime movie - I think it’s because it’s lossless?

Sure. Set up some text - white, with bright pink background. Then selected “advanced keyframes” and advanced on frame at a time, each time tweaking the size/position of the textbox slightly and randomly, using the drag handles and/or the central button. After 25 times/frames (one second), I copied and pasted the clip several times, then exported it,…

… then imported it back onto the main clip… then used “chroma key (simple)” to make the pink colour transparent… then adjusted the position of the text using size/position filter.

I had to do this eight times, one for each of the names (forename and surname) of each of the beatbox artistes.
Hard work, but enjoyable when you see the final result! Hope this helps! Jon

Lossless, yes, but also it includes the alpha channel so no need to use chroma key filters. Quicktime Animation export preset is in v18.08.14.

Thank you! Will try it.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the QT preset!

I didn’t realise it had been added until I read the above and the possibilities it opens up are immense from my perspective. As someone who uses key-framed animations extensively, having this preset at my disposal allows me to build up a library of frequently used motion graphics in a way that wasn’t previously possible.

I have a question though - I’ve been experimenting with this for the last hour or two using a simple YouTube type “subscribe” animation. A finger coming on to the screen to click a subscribe button. I have not yet worked out how (if possible) to get the entire clip to export with a transparent background.
It’s composed of two layers - the subscribe button which has size & position and glow filters key-framed to imply depression of the button and it lighting up after it’s pressed. The layer above is the hand/finger which has size & position and rotation filters applied, which comes onscreen after being concealed offscreen, “presses” the button and then departs.
I have been able to render these as movs with transparency so they can be overlaid on another track but only if I do them as two separate files, thereby requiring two tracks in any video I would use them in. I have not found a way to export the two layers together as one file and retain the transparency.
Is it not possible, or am I missing something? (hopefully the latter).

I saw this post by a user in this forum that said this:

Note that QuickTime Animation is lossless but it is not uncompressed; there is compression, but it is 100% reversible (i.e., lossless).

I am not tech savvy so I don’t know what that means. I thought “lossless” meant uncompressed but I guess it doesn’t. Can someone explain that, please?

Also, is that the reason why the new Quicktime Animation preset is not in the Lossless category in Shotcut?

Lossless may mean compressed or not, but it implies compressed since uncompressed is obviously lossless. IOW, “lossless” is simply short for “lossless compressed” because compressed may mean lossy or not.

Also, is that the reason why the new Quicktime Animation preset is not in the Lossless category in Shotcut?

It was probably more of an oversight than anything. It is special since it allows alpha output (I should note that in a tooltip), and a category to use did not jump out at me when creating the preset; so, it went uncategorized.