Sauron's Video Title - great work!

Hi Sauron, I have been away from the forum for a while, and only just saw your excellent “Patagonia” video title in another thread (now closed):

I was just wondering if you might agree to share the mlt file for this so I could have a look at how you did it? Especially interested in the rounded corners of the box. Did you use a transparent png for these? Also the feathered revealing lines look good.
Great work!


Hi Jon,
Here’s the mlt for that particular video.

Patagonia.mlt (39.3 KB)

Yes I did.

Rounded Box


Nice to see that you’re back.


Thanks, sauron! A-HA! - I see what you did now - applied a diamond mask filter to a transparent png of a box with rounded corners. Ingenious, and very effective. I appreciate you sharing your mlt file.

Thanks! Have I missed much?! :relaxed:

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There’s so much one can do with the mask filter. It’s one of the most useful filters.:smile:

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I agree, sauron. I just took your transparent png (box with rounded corners) and produced this video title - using very similar techniques to yours!

All done with the mask filter, and size and position filters.

By the way, my horizontal line, (separating the two lines of text) is not a png - I produced it by Open other > color… (white) - then used the size and position filter to give it a height of 4 pixels, then I animated it using size and postion keyframes to make it expand from the middle.
No HTML used!

Thanks again for your help with this, sauron.


That is absolutely brilliant. I never thought of doing that. Learning something new everyday.

Your brilliant idea of using color clips inspired me to do another title. Used one white clip and a transparent clip for the text. All done in-house.


Hi sauron,
That’s great! Just to confirm though - the revealing red box is made up of 4 separate color clips? or pngs? - Also I notice the blue line seems to change colour to grey just before it disappears - I was wondering how you got this effect.

Keep up the good work!

The box is made of 4 separate color clips. No pngs were used.

Used the saturation filter to go from 100% to 0% in 2 seconds.


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Great, thanks! Another technique for me to try out…
I’m just working on a project using some of the keyframe techniques, will post it here when I get a bit further with it…

Looking forward to it.

Hi Sauron,

This is the project I mentioned. Just for the hell of it I made a video title and trailer for four of my favourite beatbox artists (!).

All done in Shotcut - no other programmes used (apart from ClipGrab to capture the source clips from Youtube). There’s a LOT of keyframing work in this one!

Note the sliding blue and pink boxes in the intro (all colour clips). Also, hope you like my “shaking text” - done with advanced keyframing of the text filter.


Excellent video. The sliding boxes are great and the shaking text’s very good. You have some very good fonts on your system.

People keep complaining about what they cannot do with Shotcut. I think they ought to concentrate on what can be done with some imagination and good use of filters. This video shows it’s capabilities.

Maybe they ought to add a demo section to the Shotcut web page and add some of these videos to it to show off what can be done with Shotcut. It’s come a long way since I started using it.

Would you mind sharing the mlt for your video? If you don’t want it to be public you could PM it.


Very happy to share the mlt file, sauron!. More detailed reply coming soon… busy right now… Jon

Hi sauron, apologies for the delay - got held up with a few things (life just gets in the way sometimes… )

I’ve uploaded to dropbox files relating to my video for you to look at, but bear in mind that for several parts of the video I exported the sections as mp4s then imported them back into the project (I did this so as not to overload shotcut or my CPU!). These include the opening sequence with sliding boxes and the shaking text sequences.

So - I’ve included most files used in the project, I think, plus the mlts of the sections I mentioned above, but minus the source videos which I captured from Youtube, which would be too large to include for you to download.

Hope this gives you an idea of what I did, anyway. Enjoy!
Best wishes

Hey Jon,

Thanks for sharing. Appreciate it very much.

Have a good one. And keep up the great work.:+1:

Hi sauron, Oops, forgot to include the mlt file with just the moving stripes (no text)!

Beatboxing title 01.mlt (15.9 KB)

No problem, hope you find it useful.

I’ve been following this thread and have to say great work guys. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with what I’ve been able to achieve with Shotcut since key-frames were introduced, and the projects showcased in this thread certainly go a long way towards illustrating that potential.

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Yes, I’m always on the lookout for exciting fonts!
Recently I discovered fonts by a guy called pizzadude. They are great for video titles.
Free to download from here.

Free to use for private use but donations are encouraged.

The fonts I used in my Beatboxing project are:

10 minutes (pizzadude),
BLUEFISH SCRATCHED demo (not by pizzadude but still downloadable from ,
20.000 dollar bail (pizzadude).

Hope this helps!

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Ah, thanks, QDSOV. Tell you what, messing with keyframes is a whole lot of fun! :grinning::grinning: