Applying filters to video collage

Hi, I am trying to put together a video collage. I have 16 clips on a 4X4 grid. I wish to move the clips around (it is a choir featuring various solo performers) perhaps 15 times within the video. And perhaps no two screens will be the same. I have the initial positions using the Size and Position Filter on each clip.
Do I now need to split each clip at the screen change position and Insert a New track, copying the split section into the new track, and create a new filter for each track’s new position? (it means doing this process 16 x15 times). It’s Ok if this is the way to do it, but I don’t want to go through all this if there is an easier method.
Thanks in advance

If you just want to switch the video positions it can be done very simply. Not necessary to split clips and insert tracks.

Keyframe each Size Position & Rotate filter. Set the first keyframe type to discrete. Once all the clips are keyframed, move the play head to the point where you want to switch the videos, then move each clip to the new position.

Here’s the project to demonstrate.

Switcheroo.mlt (10.5 KB)

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Thankyou for this.
Definitely an interesting technique.
Using the FX view makes editing the position values easier.

The only downside is having to manually entering the values each time you switch positions.
If you have 6 tracks to fit into 4 quarters, then using off screen co-ordinates works to hide a clip works

  • the Black quarter in my screenshot used this.

I have been playing with how to do multi camera editing.
Up to now I have been using the split approach.

If you have custom preset filters for each of your screen positions, then its quick to apply the filter, just by selecting it from the list of presets.

If you look in the presets folder, then you can copy and edit existing filters.
The really useful thing here is that the size and positions are defined as percentages rather than pixel values.

transition.fill: 0
transition.distort: 0
transition.rect: “0%/50%:50%x50%”
transition.halign: left
transition.valign: bottom

A 4*4 grid will need 16 preset files using 25% increments.
If you name the preset file starting with a special character like #, then they appear in the top of the preset list e.g. #1-1 to #4-4.
Presets folder in windows can be found here: 

Wow, thank you all for this advice. Working my way thru it now.

Opacity can be used to make the switching less harsh.
Same project with opacity at the point of switch and 2 additional tracks fading in and switching.

Switcheroo Deux.mlt (27.6 KB)


Pour réduire la taille et positionner chacune des images dans un des quarts de l’écran, il n’est pas obligatoire de saisir manuellement toutes les valeurs si vous utilisez la grille 4x4 et activez le magnétisme

To reduce the size and position each of the images in one of the quarters of the screen, it is not necessary to manually enter all the values if you use the 4x4 grid and activate the magnetism.

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