Anyone knows the best or correct values for corner pin?

I would like to know what the best values are for the corner pin in order to look like this: or

Yes, I know there isn’t a perfect value for the effect that I am going for, but I still need some best values as possible for each corner. (I have been trying to experiment with this effect for half an hour now and what I’m doing isn’t what I am looking for.)

You want to make it skew or keyframe?

Have you checked out this post:

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Hi @Modsynite
I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “best values”, since every project will be different.


Fo me, the simplest method is to start by manually moving the 4 points in the VUI (preview window), then fine tuning each of them in the parameters (suggestion: use your mouse wheel to edit the corners coordinates).

Then you can maybe add feathering and a Blend Mode filter for more realism.


I really appreciate the help. I didn’t think of that. Thank you to everyone too who suggested other things.

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You’re welcome @Modsynite.
Thanks for letting us know this thread was helpful to you.

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