Any plans for 360° video editing

I have got a 360° video from my friend an he is asking to edit it, but a problem standed here, There
is no 360° editing in shotcut, for now I managed to ask another friend, but in newer updates if it would be there than it would be a lot of help to most users.

There is an existing collection of video filters that start with “360:”, and there is “Set Equirectangular Projection…” items in the export job and Properties menus.

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Thanks, You are always helpful.


Discard this. Will resolve via DM first.

These plugins are no longer required or suggested as they have been integrated into releases and improved upon.

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I’m looking for the ability to change out the audio track on a 360 video shot on an Insta360 One R. I want to upload the video to YT with 360 capability for property tours, etc. and add music and voice over. I am not looking to key frame and convert to a flat video. Does Shotcut handle this format? I am guessing that the OP’s statement “There is no 360° editing in shotcut” answers my question, but would like to confirm.

The OP’s statement is incorrect. Lots of people have used Shotcut to edit 360% videos and there are quite a few filters that have been developed. See here for an example:

I had hoped to view this video but it tells me it’s unavailable. I’m going to give it a go (as a complete newbie to Shotcut) and see what happens! Thanks for the feedback!

I have seen the video and Ewan did a good job editing it using Shotcut. getting rid of audio is a simple 1-click switch.

It is a little worrying that @Ewan360’s Youtube account is empty, apart from his description. I do hope he is well.

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