Any plans for 360° video editing | Solved, was there just needed to go in filters

I have got a 360° video from my friend an he is asking to edit it, but a problem standed here, There
is no 360° editing in shotcut, for now I managed to ask another friend, but in newer updates if it would be there than it would be a lot of help to most users.

There is an existing collection of video filters that start with “360:”, and there is “Set Equirectangular Projection…” items in the export job and Properties menus.


Thanks, You are always helpful.


Discard this. Will resolve via DM first.

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These plugins are no longer required or suggested as they have been integrated into releases and improved upon.

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I’m looking for the ability to change out the audio track on a 360 video shot on an Insta360 One R. I want to upload the video to YT with 360 capability for property tours, etc. and add music and voice over. I am not looking to key frame and convert to a flat video. Does Shotcut handle this format? I am guessing that the OP’s statement “There is no 360° editing in shotcut” answers my question, but would like to confirm.

The OP’s statement is incorrect. Lots of people have used Shotcut to edit 360% videos and there are quite a few filters that have been developed. See here for an example:

I had hoped to view this video but it tells me it’s unavailable. I’m going to give it a go (as a complete newbie to Shotcut) and see what happens! Thanks for the feedback!

I have seen the video and Ewan did a good job editing it using Shotcut. getting rid of audio is a simple 1-click switch.

It is a little worrying that @Ewan360’s Youtube account is empty, apart from his description. I do hope he is well.

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hello, is this still actual?

because I can’t find any 360° Filter to work with .insv files :slight_smile:

Go to filters than the video tab and search “360” Than there would be many results, not sure that shotcut supports the file format.

Because it’s not mentioned:

That’s true, because at that time I was used to for getting just a option while creating a project on another software, I didn’t got a option while opening a project, So I thought shotcut doesn’t support it, but later I Dan told that I need to use filters, then I realized.

Maybe, I would reformance the topic now.

It is true and correct, but that does not mean it can directly work with every file format from every 360 camera. I read that .insv is an unstitched Insta360 video file. While Shotcut can open these (you open it like any other video, which means drag-n-drop or File > Open), our 360 filters do not provide stitching. They work with already stitched video. You usually need to usethe camera maker’s software to stitch and export it in a standard projection, but sometimes there is alternative software. Most of our filters support only equirectangular projection except there is also a way to convert double-fisheye:

thanks for that answer but I get no 360 filter with this option.

Even over Pacman repository version 21.06.29-1 on a Linux system, are on the AUR side.

edit: >> I just find the 360 set in the snap version

We do not make that build. Linux is fragmented, and we only support the builds we provide through our download page or on GitHub Releases. Yours might require the addition of bigsh0t plugins, if available.



Short story:
I wish that I had not made my original post in the public forum. @Ar_D, I’m also asking you to remove the copy of my post from your reply and to let this issue rest. It was resolved many months ago.

Longer story:
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Upon noticing the suspicious accounts, what I should have done is attempt to resolve the issue one-on-one with Speeding_Snail, and only make a comment in the public forum if the behavior continued. Young people need a little space to fail and learn without the whole world knowing about it (which social media does not give them, yet they unwisely use it anyway). On this count, I apologize to @Speeding_Snail for starting my questioning in the public forum rather than first resolving the situation one-on-one through DM (direct messaging – a forum feature I forgot about at the time because I rarely use it).

As the revision history of my first post shows, I retracted the original evidence and contacted Speeding_Snail by DM with a similar but more personalized letter. Notice that the user’s Like count is currently the same as it was back in March. The cheating stopped immediately and the lesson was learned. I see no further need to discipline the user in this specific case.

I should mention one other important reason to start one-on-one with conflict resolution: What if the assumptions are wrong and you mistakenly accuse somebody in public? A backfire accusation is not good for the accuser, either.

My main disappointment now is that Speeding_Snail has not been a frequent or contributing member to the forum since the incident. The user is already silent, so what further silencing is there to do?

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Also FWIW, I see no problem with somebody trying to make money off of their legitimate work with affiliate links, provided they are not off-topic spam and are disclosed as affiliate links (which happens to be an FCC requirement in the USA).

I am not aware that my original post was flagged. I voluntarily retracted my first post as soon as I remembered the DM option because my preference is to resolve issues one-on-one rather than make a public scene. We wouldn’t be here right now if I had remembered the DM option first.


Hey @Austin,
I feel really sorry for involving in that kind of a obnoxious activity. It was intended just for a fun when a couple of my classmates encouraged it. I sincerely apologize for my behavior here and expect a pardon from the members involved in this. I am sure that I not going to repeat this behavior.

Coming to my involvement in the forum, as mentioned by @Austin, I am just 15 and I am in a crucial stage of completing my tenth grade with good scores. So I have put my involvement in YouTube and Shotcut on a hold. So that is the reason for my absence in the forum. And in the next 6 months, I will be passing out of my tenth. So then I will surely be participating in the public activities.

Once again I am really sorry for that. Hope you understand. Expecting a positive reply.
Yours sincerely.
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