Any metadata info imprint?

Hi, I see that with text filter one can add TC / Frame / Date/ Name
Are there any other file info/data that can be imprint with the #?


Keywords include:

  • #smpte_df# - SMPTE drop-frame timecode of the frame
  • #smpte_ndf# - SMPTE non-drop-frame timecode of the frame
  • #timecode# - same as #smpte_df#
  • #frame# - frame number of the frame
  • #filedate# - modification date of the file (GMT)
  • #localfiledate# - modification date of the file (local)
  • #localtime# - current system date and time
  • #resource# - resource of the producer that produced the frame

Timecode keywords are based on the framerate and position of the frame.
Time-based keywords can include a strftime format string to customize the
output as long as you put some delimiter except “#” between the keyword
and the format string and the keyword comes first. For example,
#localtime %I:%M:%S %p#” shows only the time in 12-hour format.

Keywords may also be any frame property (e.g.

The # may be escaped with “\”.

To include things you see in Properties > Metadata use #meta.attr.<field>.markup# not including the angle brackets.

Thanks for all, no relevant to me, but I wonder what about GPS data? I was told that some SLR’s have that also embedded in the video . EXIF in JPG’s has tones of info.

That info is not yet available to be used.

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