Animated Video Title using the Crop:Rectangle filter and keyframing

Hi folks,
Just for the fun of it I made this short animated video title. Crop: Rectangle filter on 4 video tracks with lots of keyframing! Developed my keyframing skills enormously!!

(Note - Shcok, Horror - NO HTML used in this project!! LOL!!) :smiley:

Keyframing with 4 tracks of actual video clips was very stuttery, so I:

  1. Imported 4 colour clips (black, red, green and blue).
  2. Exported each one separately as a 20-second mp4.
  3. Used @KKnBB 's proxy tool to convert them (360p -“buttery smooth”)!
  4. Imported into new instance of Shotcut on 4 tracks (black background on V1, red V2, blue V3, green v4).
  5. Applied a Crop:Rectangle filter to V2-V4. Set background colour to transparent.
  6. Keyframed like crazy!! (Quite a bit of maths used for the precise positioning…)
  7. Added the text.
    The result:

Then …
8. Imported 3 video clips of London further down the timeline, placing a black background on V1 and the 3 clips on V2-4.
9. Copied and pasted the filters across from the colour clips.
10. Copied and pasted the text.
11. “Timeline to Source” then select just the video section.
12. Exported the result.

Then the easy bit: Closed and opened SC.
Re-imported the London animation. Added audio. Added extra clips at the end. Added standard transitions (Crop Circle and Dissolve).
Exported. Done!


I particularly like that first part with the sliding bars what I would name a seventies intro effect. Anyway your result looks great and I have it on my wish-list to something similar sometime.

Very well done video!

BTW, under the hood, Crop: Rectangle and Crop: Circle filters use HTML. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Indeed - the Dallas Intro sequence comes to my mind :

Here’s the MLT of the colour blocks animation if you want to have a play with it. I set the fonts to “arial” for this version (my original featured the font “ordinary guy demo” which you may not have).

Title Animation with moving colour (57.0 KB)

Well well, I didn’t know that! I guess I must be a HTML junkie after all … :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing!

At the Dallas intro at 0:15 see the name Jesse Metcalfe disappearing behind the building and Josh Henderson appearing on the other side. Just amazing what they could do without the modern computer editors of today. And all taken without drones too :grin:

I also notice you only see shots of Dallas and area, but none of the actors. I wonder f they did that so they wouldn’t have to redo the whole thing if an actor was replaced or so.