Animated Text Banner preset

So cool! Will def use in future videos. Thank you for sharing!

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You’re welcome @AVENUENIGHTS.
I’m glad you like it.

Awesome as always :grinning:
Made a varient with a Center banner
AniBanner_Cente_30fps_7s.txt (4.1 KB)


Brilliant! Thanks @TimLau !

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Very nice Tim!
The cool thing about what I call Clip Presets is they are easy to edit to fit whatever project you’re working on. In my demo video for example, in the last clip I added a glow filter and also keyframes to make the text flicker.


Love the banners! And the blur transition is very cool! I’ll be using that for sure.

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Hi @MusicalBox, this is a tad pedantic - but pasting the code into a track won’t work unless you have an existing track with something on it. I just tried this:
Open a new instance of SC,
Hamburger menu - “add video track”
Paste your code.
The clip appears but it is unresponsive to editing.
If you add a colour clip (or other clip) to the track, then it works.
I thought you might just like to make this clear in your instructions? or is it too obvious? In most cases users will add to an existing track anyway.
PS I analysed what you did with crop and mask filters in this effect. Brilliant! Bravo - you are cleverer than I thought :smile:

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You are right @jonray.
That’s odd. And there are other small strange behaviors I noticed too. But I can’t reproduce them every time.
I also tried with other clip presets I made and the same problems occurs.

Anyways, it seams that it will work fine if the project have at least one clip on track V1. And the clip preset should be on a track above. The content of track V1 should also have at least the same duration as the clip preset.

I’ll do more tests this evening before I edit the Instructions.
Thanks for reporting it @jonray!

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That’s strange. Earlier today I experienced the the same problem you described.

Now I try to reproduce it, but the pasted clip works perfectly.

Very cool! :+1:


  • Is there any way to upscale the animations at a higher resolution?

  • How do you save the animation preset as a txt file?

Hi @UhSir I’m sorry, i didn’t see your comment :flushed:

Thank you for the feedback. I’m glad you like them.

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Thank you @DRM

Yes, but it involves changing the parameters of pretty much all keyframes in all filters that have keyframes.
If you have a preferred video mode (like 3840 x 2160 30fps for example) I could make it for you if you want. Not before next week though. I won’t be at home very much in the next 6 or 7 days.

Simply select and Copy the clip in the timeline, open a text app (like Windows Notepad) paste the content and save the file.

The keyframe pixel values (x,y,width,height) can be converted to percentage values. Then the animation will adapt to the project resolution.


AnimatedBanner03-TwoBars-25fps-5sec.txt (4.2 KB)

@MusicalBox, have you tried the Glaxnimate program that was added in Shotcut in the recent beta release here?

It would be better to do these kinds of animation presets in Glaxnimate for use in Shotcut because the animations are scalable to any resolution. That means the image quality won’t degrade no matter how high you go in resolution. So you can just do them one time and not have to prepare new animations for other resolutions.

No, I didn’t get the new beta version. I did try Glaxnimate briefly though when it was proposed in the Resources category a while ago. Had to put it aside though since it didn’t work too well back then on my computer.

I’ll test it again when the next official version is released.

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@DRM I installed the prerelease.
But for the moment I’m more interested by the Mask: Rotoscope filter.
I quickly made this:

Obviously I didn’t need Glaxnimate for such a simple mask. The Mask: Simple Shape would have worked for this. But it’s a start. Next step will be to draw a mask with the Bezier pen.

I realize that it is a relatively new app and that it will evolve and get better, but there are a few important things missing in this app at the moment.
Like an horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the timeline for example.
Impossible to quickly scroll the timeline when it’s zoomed. And the Go to First/Last frame buttons don’t help either when zoomed.



You can use the mouse wheel.


It’s very nice. Similarly, it would be very nice if it could be prepared only as Text.

  • txt file is great convenience…

Thank you.


:grinning: Thank you!

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@patrickkw & @Ertan You’re welcome.