Animated GIFs to show actions in Shotcut

I saw in some threads here, GIF animations that show processes in Shotcut. :open_mouth:
For example, this is one of those threads where GIFs appear to show bugs in this case.

I would like to know how to do this to illustrate my answers in this forum.
It seems more comfortable than editing screenshots and I notice that this can be adjusted to a free cut or to a specific window (or module) of Shotcut.
I usually make screenshots and edit with striking color rectangles to illustrate my explanation and it’s a slower process.
Another question is: Can Shortcut capture the project screen on video (without the need for an external program such as OBS or similar)?
Can somebody help me?
Thanks in advance.:slightly_smiling_face:

I use ShareX to make those GIFs. @Hudson555x was kind enough to let me know about it. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind though that the size of the GIFs skyrocket if you are recording the preview window as well. If you need to record something playing on Shotcut’s preview window then just make a mp4 capture rather than a GIF.


Thanks for the info.
Then it seems that an external program (to Shotcut) is necessary to make a video capture of the project in ShotcutI suppose that a video capture with OBS (or some similar software) can be exported later in Shotcut with the GIF animation setting.
However, it seems that ShareX does this in one step and is more comfortable.
Again thank you very much.

Just to add my recommendation for ShareX - easy to use and effective.

I just installed and configured the hotkeys (there is some conflict with Onedrive by using Print Screen key, I will use another key combination)
Thanks for answering.

I too use Sharex and second the comments made about it.

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