An Unnecessary Export Topic

Good afternoon, folks. I trust you’re well. A ShotCut Story: Video editing gets processed & stops at 20%. Used Default, YouTube & recently H.264 Main Profile, you know… just to do something different & perhaps become a big brain. (after reading FAQ)

Not being the brightest spark under the hood, I’ve attached a screenshot. Near-enough guaranteed folks around here will see my problem in the minefield of module failures. Only found necessary to create this topic as a video processed flawlessly in the previous project before this one. (+400GB Available. 8GB RAM.)

(Yes. I’m aware the Forum has been inundated with similar topics. I see this as a last resort.)

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It would really help to save this job log file, and upload it here, in the reply window.
Save the log file as a text (.txt) file.

Also look at this location to see if unchecking/removing/redoing a filter may help.

Might want to read this post as well.

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What’s your OS, your job log window panel looks great!

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Excellent! Thanks! I’ll send the file through in few minutes. Just re-doing the export to bring the job log file error back up to upload. Thanks for getting back to me.

I’ll check the post out after replying. Thank you. If all else fails, as you recommend, I’ll just remove all filters. Unlikely that files added to the timeline is the problem.

Thanks, @Somenath_Garai. Operating System: Windows 10.

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Could be the anti-virus/malware point you shared. Recently reinstalled Windows 10. So, the defaults on the Operating System could be preventing one thing or another in the process tray.
Export Error.txt (102.4 KB)

FYI You posted your MLT project file instead of the error log.

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Oh? Right! Thanks! Sometimes, I go on auto-pilot & do the wrong thing.

@Elusien corrected my error. Export Error.txt (28.3 KB)

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