An opacity glitch

Shotcut v. 19.09.14
Windows 7, i3-6100, SSD, GTX-1060 6 GB, 16 GB RAM


an that is now really hard to explain…!

The bird you can see has no opacity!
But this occurs, if I copy/paste e.g. the next part (it’s a “feet part”) after the two “bird parts” into the track. This “feet part” also has no opacity, but a mask filter (simple form) with that “Pos/Size” filter. But it also happens, if I use the “Pos/Size” filter with a mask filter (simple) and I resize the part. It gets at once an opacity…
And that is not recoverable! It needs a restart of Shotcut and the opacity is gone.
All clear? I fear not… :smile:

Tell me, what it needs,
best regards

------------------------- EDIT -----------------------------

Here four pics, which could explain what I mean:

I’ve only edit the position (pic 2 / pic 3)…
And it has only effect in the same track!
One track under, or above, all fine…

Can the filter “Blend Mode” cause it? <duck and cover?>

I do not know because you are difficult to understand and not enough information.
Maybe you are affected by this bug

Yes, yes, yes! Seems so! Very strange!
The hard thing is, that after a restart of Shotcut it SEEMS that all again is fine, but that isn’t! As I made a test video of my current video with minimal codec, the opacity wasn’t present in the project, you know what I mean<?>, but in that test video.
Currently I’ve made extra tracks only for parts which are blended…
But I have in different parts different blend modes…
I will see… :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering and
best regards

@Earlybite, try to recunstruct this:
and tell us, if you mean this effect.

Yes yes yes.
But, in my case I couldn’t notice it at once. First after I resized a part, on a track with one part with “Blend Mode”, which had “Size/Pos” filter.
And, in addition, this false (may I say so?) “Blend Effect” was gone after a restart of Shotcut, but only in Shotcut. In an exported test video it was still there.

This behavior, to me and IMHO, is not a very important bug, because you (ok I) can use separated tracks for parts with “Blend Mode”. But<!>,
the performance for the playback in the editor is really, and I may say so, a PITA. In my latest video, there is a part, whit only two active tracks. But with several filters, and especially the “Mask” filter. And that got a “Dia Show” with each second a part of the sound…
(And I had also and again a look on the workload from my CPU: only 30%.)

And there are SO MUCH possibilities with Shotcut…! :smile:

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