Filter: Blend Mode for clips affects on entire videotrack

maybe a bug, when I create a single clip with the Filter ‘Blend Mode’ on a videotrack in Mix Mode ‘Over’ and use different blendmodes for only that clip, then the entire videotrack affects to these blendmodes I only used for the clip.
Removing the clip removes not the previous effect in the videotrack, so I have to delete the track.

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SC-Vers. 19.09.14

I do not understand.

Please ensure you are not using a project file created with the 19.09 BETA version. That had a bug that sounds like this one, and wrong information was probably saved into the project as well. Otherwise, please provide steps or a screencast starting from a new project.

Ok, I’ll try it with a very new project to prove it, when I’m home again!

I was able to reproduce it by adding the Mask: Simple Shape filter to a clip on V2. An easier workaround than deleting the track is simply add the Blend Mode filter on the clips that are affected.

Actually, after I found the root cause, an even easier workaround is to go to track properties, and change Blend Mode to something else and then back to Over.

Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind.

This is fixed for the next version 19.10

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Just to show it clearly…

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