Alternative for timeline markers (an April Fools' Day post)

Until the timeline Markers feature becomes available in Shotcut, I’m using this super easy alternative.

I bought the pen with magnetic ink at the dollar store. It’s a set of 12 in fact, of different colors.

Sorry for the so so quality of the video. I’m using a new phone, I’m not familiar yet with the camera settings and have no idea how to film a monitor screen.


:crazy_face: :rofl:

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I use the marker and write directly on the screen…


Comment est-ce possible ?
Il y a certainement une piste V4 avec une extrémité de clip à la position de la playhead.

How is this possible?
There is certainly a V4 track with a clip end at the playhead position.

Why not make a png with a marker on it and the rest transparent?
You then put this on the top most layer.

Actually you can use it in one of two ways:

  1. Make the png exactly one frame long and just place it where and how many times you want it.

  1. Make it as many frames as the length of the video under you want to mark the area of.

Could make various ones with different colours to mark different things/tracks.

Don’t forget to disable the video for the marker track/s when done, else you are
going to have the markers exported over your video. :grinning:

En attendant la version officielle, je me suis bricolé une version personnelle.

While waiting for the official version, I made up my own version.



How did you add the extra buttons/functions as shown in the red area?

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Happy April Fools’ Day everyone :slight_smile:


So the tape markers are not real? I’ve been using that technique to edit my next fishing video…



You fooled me, good and solid. :rofl: :+1:

I was looking high and low for the extra button options on SC.

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My son is currently competing in an online game on Steam, where there are Indycars versus shopping trolleys with toilet paper.
He is recording several videos to make a compilation on YT.


Here is something for you @bentacular :grinning:


Sounds like fun.
Who wins?


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Euh, les miens existent vraiment.
Je pourrai vous fournir le code à ajouter, simplement aujourd’hui il fonctionne sur V20.09, mais j’ai besoin d’emprunter un ordinateur plus récent pour le valider sur V21.xx

Uh, mine really exist.
I could provide you with the code to add, just today it works on V20.09, but I need to borrow a newer computer to validate it on V21.xx

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Yes, but this time, don’t forget to put on your new hat.


I’m using 21.03.21 on MacOS.

I don’t know. What is certain is that there is toilet paper for many pilots, hahaha. :joy: