Alpha Version 23.03 now available to test

You can try out the alpha test version for next big release including: Qt 6, Direct3D on Windows, Metal on macOS, universal macOS app, GPU Effects, Motion Tracker, Glaxnimate 0.5.2, and more to come in beta! Shotcut - Alpha Version 23.03

Make sure you read the notes under Drawbacks and Limitations to understand which comments will be ignored/rejected.


I know we’re not supposed to report Glaxnimate bugs here (I will probably send a report to the developers), but just to let you know:

  • Glaxnimate crashed multiple times on me while trying to launch a Open Other > Animation (Glaxnimate). Rebooting the computer seems to have partially fixed the problem though. It only crashed once on about 10 tries.

  • Open Other > Animation (Glaxnimate) creates an opaque RAWR file, even though it was set on transparent on creation.

  • Shapes drawn in Glaxnimate will vanish after creation. The layers are created, but the shapes are invisible.

On a brighter note, I’m pretty excited about the Motion Tracker filter. It is promising. And it seems to work quite well.


Linux Mint 21.1 XFCE (disabled compositing)
NVIDIA Prime profile - On Demand, driver version 525
Appimage version used.

    • There is no option to choose a theme (only light).
    • Crashes when count generator (When you try to move it to the playlist or immediately to the timeline, the program crashes to the desktop) The crash occurs ONLY when GPU acceleration is enabled.
    • Slow rendering speed with active GPU effects. My test sample (4K, 60FPS, 30sec). With acceleration - 2 minutes 11 seconds, without acceleration - 25 seconds. h264_nvenc
    • In gpu effects mode, the SPR filter does not have a rotation parameter.
    • Rendering speed using the GPU effects of the SPR filter is slower than using its software counterpart, logically, it should be the other way around.

Most of the problems are related to the activation of the GPU effects mode. If you turn it off, the alpha version of the shotcut works as fast as the stable current version.

The problem with the invisibility of the glaxnimate layer is also present in version 22.12.21. I just thought it was some kind of minor glitch and did not report the problem.

I don’t have any of the problems I described above with Glaxnimate on v22.12.21 (I’m on Windows 10).

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SC 23.03 often crashes, if i move tracks up/down.

Motion Tracker is fine. It needs some info, what the algoriths do diferent?!
A Counter for the analyse-time (Motion Tracker) would be helpful. Do we need every time to analyse, or only if objekt/background ist difficult?

With “GPU Effects (unstable)” enabled, I notice that adding the Time Remap filter causes the image to be corrupted (as if a colorspace conversion is being done wrong). I will look into this.

The issue with Shotcut crashing when it launches Glaxnimate occur only when GPU Effects is on. That needs special handling that is not yet included.
The problem with Glaxnimate shapes added disappear is a bug I reproduced only in the Windows version.

The performance with GPU Effects is still limited as described in the FAQ on the web site. GPU Effects and hardware encoding are separate as is the decoding on the CPU. Thus, the uncompressed video is transferred to the GPU and back and then back to the hardware encoder all over the PCI bus (except Apple Silicon machines with unified memory). There are no plans to connect all these things to remove transfers because not only is it a big challenge but then you would not be able to use any CPU-based filter. The number of GPU-based filters is still small. On my machines, 4K with GPU Effects and hardware encoder is still faster than with software encoder, especially if you are encoding HEVC or using filters. It is up to you to choose which combination of things works best for you and your system.

Is it planned to add rotation to the SPR filter with GPU effects?
Blend Mode is absent in GPU Effects mode. I tried to return it, but it does not work. Is he planning an alternative to GPU?

Please stop reporting about missing things. Are you going to report that everything on the road map, in the suggestions category, and in other products are missing? The answer is: I do not yet know; it is too early to tell. Why should I bother to expand upon the GPU offering if I decide that is too much trouble and will be removed from the release? Please read the announcement notes.

Crashes when using the Count generator with GPU effects is fixed and also when moving tracks. Thanks to both for reporting.
Here is some info about the motion tracking algorithms:

I have the noticed problems with Glaxnimate and moving tracks without GPU Effects on.
It is working in 22.12.

Crash problem when launching Glaxnimate with GPU Effects mode on is fixed.
The problem with the Glaxnimate shapes disappearing is only on Windows, not just Shotcut’s build, and reported upstream.

The Glaxnimate bug with disappearing shapes is not just limited to Windows. The workaround explains why it appeared for me on Windows and not others:

  • after choosing a shape tool, change its options to create a Group instead of Layer.

The bug has been fixed.

And after fixing the Shotcut side of Glaxnimate and the Glaxnimate bug, the animation background opacity is working now too.


Wait what?! True motion tracking?!?!

Do we need to download Shotcut 23.03. again, or were to get the fixed version?

I am also experiencing this issue and would like to expand on that:

  • When I move tracks that contain same resolution content, crash does not occur but when tracks contain different resolution and aspect ratio content the crash occurs.
  • Moving track only one time does not cause crash but usually moving track 2 or more times causes application crash.

Issue is not present on previous version 22.12.21.

You can get a nightly build from GitHub Actions (need to choose the appropriate UNSTABLE build) or wait for beta. Nightly does not yet include any fixes within Glaxnimate itself (ie that disappearing shape bug linked above).

Using alpha, dragging video (proxied) from playlist to source player plays the video, drag a second video from playlist to source player and Shotcut crashes. Resorted back to 22.12.21 and that same process works without issue.

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