All resource file in project were replaced by a proxy file

All resource file in project were replaced by a proxy file.
Now when I export to mp4 I get low quality like in proxy files.
I don’t understand how it happened.
Tell me how to get it back?

Shotcut version 21.05.01
Windows 10

I think you have proxy files enabled while editing and also in export settings, So, try to turn off the use proxy in export tab so it does not export in low quality, or just check what resolution you have set while export and change it what you want.

@Ar_D refers to this:

Thanks, but changing the option “use preview scaling” does not resolve the issue

Thanks. I have already turn off proxy in the main menu, but this does not solve the problem.
In export tab i didn’t find an option to turn off the proxy files.
Export resolution 1920x1080. The export file has this resolution, but the frame is of poor quality and blurred

Hi, this happened to me as well, downloaded 21.05.01 opened Shotcut, imported 4k HEVC files, Shotcut converted them to proxies (as normal), done my editing etc then Shotcut crashed a lot on importing JPEG files (came up INVALID). Downloaded 21.03.21 version and continued project. On export the resulting resolution was 720p despite the export settings clearly saying 4k (and a long render time). Disabled proxy settings, files in timeline showed as 720p MP4 files in the properties window. Had to replace all 114 clips with the original HEVC files by hand, took a couple of hours.

Have you applied a blur filter, or is the main file is only in poor quality.

I am not applied a blur filter. Only main file is in poor quality.

So that is the problem, shotcut can’t increase the quality, you could use it to edit videos, you need to use a video upscaler in this case to improve the quality.

Many starters and even professionals think that video editor can improve the quality of video if they just set a high resolution in export.

But I need to find about it more, to give the exact answer. Is the real video you shooted or you got is in poor quality, or after opening it in shotcut makes it poor quality?

And if the video without any editing is in poor quality, then you can’t expect any video editor to improve the quality itself.

And can you put the screen recording of the whole process, So I understand better.

Hi @HillHiker , What is your ram amount and what is the quality of the real raw or unedited videos?

I tried to reproduce the same on a 32gb ram pc with seventy 4k HEVC clips downloaded from web with proxy enabled, Yes, their were crashes on both the latest version and 21.03.21 many times while editing and importing jpeg files (importing only crashed in in latest version), but importing jpeg stayed fine on version 21.03.21, but after spending a long time of export I do not find a big quality loss in any of the clips, I just found 0.5 or 1% of loss which is normal in any video editor after export.

  1. original video - 1920x1080 - good quality
  2. after opening it in shotcut makes proxy files 960x540
  3. the exported video file before the problem - 1920x1080 - good quality
  4. the exported video file after the problem - 1920x1080 - bad quality as in proxy files 960x540
    This can be seen not only visually, but also in the xml text of the project file.
    Above, I uploaded screenshots “before” and “after”

“before” - Here you can see that the original video file is used:
<property name="resource">F:/Photo/hd/2020.08/film/result/001.VID_20200807_085356.mp4</property>

“after” - Here you can see that instead of the original video file, a proxy file is used:
<property name="resource">f:\_tmp\_sc_proxy_file\0a6f345a469237559141edc2fbb825d2.mp4</property>

This example shows only one video file from a shotcut project.
There are 50 files in the project now.
This problem happened with all files from the project.
I hope I told everything in detail.

I can’t see any screenshot:-

This is what it shows to me.

I mean screenshots from 2 and 3 posts

This xml text is contained in the shortcut project file with the mlt extension.

Hi, the machine I use is a Thinkpad P53s with 48GB of RAM installed, it is left to render alone running no other programs, memory isn’t an issue with the machine. The HEVC files I used are straight from a GoPro, 4k at 50fps and I have no problem reading the original files. I have not changed any folder locations, the proxy folder is where it was originally created. It did not crash when creating the proxies of the video, it crashed when creating the proxies of the JPEG files (each JPEG is approx 8MB). After numerous crashes and the JPEG proxies showing INVALID I rolled back to 21.03.01 to finish the project. First export was horrendous, it was 720p quality whilst being 3840x2160(also took 4hrs 4mins to render a 20 min video). Turned off proxy in the settings folder, each of the clips in the project timeline showed using the properties menu a resolution of 720p, Shotcut was unable to link back to the original 4k files. No folders had been moved since the project was started. My solution was to load the original each individual clip in the source player (using open file), set the In point according to the time in displayed in the Playlist window (which was unchanged) and then replace the clip in the timeline for each individual file. This restored the clips in the timeline to 4k but uneditable as did not create any proxies. Another render on the Youtube preset (which I always use) created a 4k file at 4k quality with a render time of 2hrs 15mins, a lot quicker (suspect the render from 720p ‘upscaling’ to 4k may have caused the long time). Still love Shotcut and think Dan and the devs are doing a fantastic job, not going to stop using it because of this at all, if it is a bug sure it will get resolved soon.

The HillHiker’s description is very similar to my problem. I think this is the same error. My Shotcut also crashed several times.
My solution:
open the project mlt file in a text editor and
manually replace proxy file names with original files.
in my case it was the most easy.

Sorry, but I do not reproduce the problem. Can either of you make the problem again in a new, test project? It cannot be fixed until someone can figure out the steps that cause it.