Advises on how to get maximum quality from youtube?


I just understood how YT decompress and re-encode all uploaded videos and that it’s the reason everything I sent was messed up to oblivion. I’m on Shotcut version 21.10.31.

Can you guys explain what are the best ways ways to proceed to get maximum quality ? My videos aren’t huge nor is my channel.

I tested it out:
551M essai_raw.mkv are is the raw footage file ( Format: V_MJPEG Codec ID: V_MJPEG)
I uploaded it to youtube, and it got converted into;
13M essai_vp9_youtube.webm
153M essai_export_kdenlive_vp9_maximum.webm is the file resulting from maximum quality VP9
2,0M essai_export_kdenlive_vp9_minimum.webm is the minimum quality setting.
64M essai_export_kdenlive_vp9_standard.webm comes from the meidum/standard setting.

I wonder why is YT uses such terrible settings for a “high quality” codec ? Makes no sense.
Can I force an AV1 codec ? Would it even be different ?


Upscale to 4k may help

What about the loss due to upscaling, assuming I use a lossless encoding ?
Could I hack the footage (ffmpeg ?) by indicating a somehow fake resolution?

This was discussed in depth here:

Your best shot is to upload with 1440p. that will force youtube to use vp9 instead of avc1. That’s the best you can do. Youtube reserves av1 to bigger channels. At least, that’s what my 3 days research about the subject teached me

Thank you, I didn’t see the thread.
But Romulo, it does use vp9 though the resolution was fullHD. Yet the bitrate was terrible. I’ll look at the thread. I’m glad to know I’m not alone…

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