Adjust slideshow in bulk after insertion


I’m using shotcut for the first time and I haven’t found a way to do this yet… hopefully it’s me.

I am making a movie which is mostly a slideshow.
I added a bunch of photos to the timeline using “add selected to slideshow” and all’s well… Clicking on one of the pictures and showing its properties, I see a duration of 4:15 (which is OK since I asked for 4.5 second slides with 1 second transitions).

If after doing this, I want to adjust the duration of all the slides (say add 0.5 seconds to each) so as to match the duration of the slides to the length background music I run into a couple of problems:

Changing the properties value of 4:15 doesn’t seem to be doing anything (it keeps reverting to 4:15 after I enter the new value).

Changing the duration by dragging the edges seems to work but the number it starts from (for a picture in the middle of the slideshow) is 2:15 (I guess it’s net of the 1 second transitions at each end).

I cannot change more than one at a time. If I want to add 1/10 of a second to each of 30 slides I can drag each one individually (which is a pain) or lift the old photos, re-insert them with a new duration, and drag them to the right place after making some extra room by dragging the next clip out of the way.

Another issue is what to do if I want to swap two photos (say photos 3 & 4). Because of the way the transitions work, it seems I have to delete the transitions between 2 & 3, between 3 & 4, and between 4 & 5, then swap the photos, extend their duration, and then drag as required to create the new transitions. Alternatively, as before, lift the whole lot and re-insert. Am I missing something

Thanks in advance,


When I use the Slideshow Generator, if I want to make a change, I just delete the track that was created and then regenerate the slideshow. The Slideshow generator remembers the previous settings. So it is easy to generate, view the slideshow, delete the slideshow, and generate again. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result.

Thanks Brian.
I suppose that a good workaround.
Is there a way to insert the slideshow at the head location and have everything shift over to make room?

I would recommend to generate the slideshow on its own track. Then it is easy to move all the slideshow pieces around together using multi-select (click the first, shift-click the last)

Thank you.