Adding clip with multiple audio tracks to timeline

I have a project where I have material that has 4 audio channels which I want to bring in to a timeline with each channel going to a separate audio track.

I’m very new to the program, so this is problem something easy to set up but I can’t see how to do it.

Hello @moonangelica,

Separate the audio track from the video (right click → detach audio).
Duplicate the audio onto 3 other audio layers.
Then on each audio track layer change the channel accordingly.

A similar example is here:

Oh, that’s a lot more work than I hoped. The project I’m working on is QCing thousands of files and we need to move relativity quickly. I was hoping it was a quick setting change so we can see the waveforms of all the tracks sitting in the timeline and can do a lookover for any problem areas that need a closer QC

Perhaps someone else knows a better way, but the timestamp from Dan’s response suggests to me your options are limited. Hopefully I’m wrong (again) and if so, someone will correct me in due course.

For this specific process, if that’s too much work maybe there’s another software solution you can look into.

Unfortunately the specific codec/format used - FFV1 and MKV - greatly restricts the options. We were hoping to use Resolve but while it now supports MKV, it doesn’t support FFV1. Shotcut is one of the first I found that does support the format, and if we have to work with the kinda odd waveform/audio setup we probably will, but if I can see all the audio easily, then that would be great and make the next 3 years a lot easier haha

This is basically the only way, but you do not need to detach audio - only add tracks, duplicate, and set properties. You can save yourself a lot of time by automating the creation of MLT XML and opening that instead. Have someone write a script that replaces the file names and time values in an example MLT XML saved by Shotcut.

That’s a bit of a nuisance, but what is is I guess. Time to talk to the team and see if anyone can script that or if I can work out how to do that myself.

The other option is writing an FFmpeg script that copies the audio tracks from the MKV into individual WAV files, then bring those into Shotcut onto the audio tracks. It’s still manual, so it’s only helpful if the workflow lets you narrow your media to a small set of the original thousands. If not, then scripting the MLT itself is probably more efficient.

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