Add 'Rebuild All Audio Waveforms' Option?

Is it possible to add a Rebuild All Audio Waveforms option that rebuilds all the waveforms of all the relevant clips present in the timeline?

This suggestion could act as a more efficient hotfix for and existing Bug I have already reported (Audio Waveforms Not Loading (with workaround)), plus if an editor is working on a long project, they may want to refresh the waveforms occasionally to keep everything in sync.

Bug that led to this suggestion: Sometimes when I open a project, several waveforms either fail to load or display incorrectly for the clip they are on, a workaround is to Rebuild Audio Waveforms for the affected clips, however, if the timeline contains many clips, this can be tedious.

A Rebuild All Audio Waveforms option could be of use to help those affected by this bug (see screenshot for proposed menu addition).

What do you think?

Menu Suggestion