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How can I set a “camera recording video” to be transparent to appear on V1?

Thank you.

This Camcorder video seems to be white graphics on a black background
Add a Blend Mode filter to it and set it to Multiply

I added blend mode. but I couldn’t find the multiply filter.

Shotcut v22.06.23

OK, I did.

Blend mode - Add

Thank you.

See here for a description of Blend Modes:

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I used add. Then I used the screen as well.

What is the difference?

Thank you.

Another way of doing it is put a Chroma Key filter on the V2 clip and choose the color Black, modify the Distance parameter to somewhere around 10% until you are happy with the result.

Make sure BLEND for track V2 is set to “Over” as usual.

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Hi @ertan,
I recently posted about my experiments with Blend Mode. These threads may be helpful to you.


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Sorry if I misled you. I wasn’t on my computer when I replied to you.
So yes, to remove a black background under white elements, you need to use the Add or Screen blend modes.

@Elusien @jonray

Thank you.


no problem. I solved it after your message. So you’ve been helpful as always. Thank you.

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