Add a B-roll to your video

I made what you wanted @anward , But if it’s not what you were talking about then you could post it to me and I will make that.

You can get the new version of this video with improved audio and the above video has been made unlisted:-


Apparently you still have noise in your environment and had to filter the audio somehow.
What filter and settings do you use, maybe low pass and high pass filters?
Sometimes with these filters, if there are many iterations (progressive attenuation rates), the audio sounds strange, almost like an artificial voice.
Sometimes a dual microphone with noise cancellation can help somewhat to minimize post-processing.
I was curious about B-Roll, never heard of it. I always learn something. :+1:

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This time I just recorded the video and audio, I have hired somebody for 10$ per video he makes, I just gave him a chance to learn video editing by editing my video, I don’t know which software he uses but he I think he said me that he was using Hitfilm. At first I like how he edited as a beginner but I did not turn up the volume to listen how the audio was and I just uploaded this video, but when you said the audio quality is bad I again saw the video with full volume and it actually does sounds well, So I am deciding that I will edit the audio myself for this video and just the use pre-edited video without any audio from the pre-edited video. But if it becomes harder to match the audio and video the I will start the whole project from scratch.

But at last I will still give him my videos to edit.

(Hope you understand the long speech because I just got up from my sleep and I am writing this comment with my half awake mind, I still don’t know what I am writing but hope you understand… :rofl:…)

Edit:- He now earns $45 per video.

And I don’t know what he was doing when he was making my voice low pitch, It’s totally different and bad from my original voice, why??? (Not asking you but just expressing my feelings).

Don’t worry about my comments about the audio. :wink:
I’m the first one who doesn’t like my voice when I hear it on my recordings. It sounds strange and higher pitched to me. And I don’t even dare to record videos with my voice.
I comment sometimes on the audio issue, because in some cases it is easy to fix these things, and it almost always results in a better experience for the general public.

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I fixed the audio @ejmillan :-

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Yes, you got better. Even the voice is a bit sharper (maybe closer to what you wanted).

The original audio has a problem (I don’t know if it’s the microphone, some filter or what) but I hear strange artifacts (for example at 0:28)*.
I got the impression that it’s like a noise gate that is fluctuating, or something similar.
In the corrected audio these artifacts are less noticeable.

  • I listen to the audio with monitoring headphones so maybe this I detect is not so critical on mobile devices or low range headphones (but I thought it would be good if you knew about this).
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I had a dozen of headphones when I was 24 (i.e. that is 2020) and I bought headphones for the first time because I just wanted to be more serious on video editing otherwise I used wireless earphones, but later In the start of 2021 I found that headphone are not the only way to get success I need to have every sound device that people use and it was my bad that I think that headphones are no longer usable so I gave all of them to my cousins and sisters (And it’s impossible to take them back) and Just bought speakers, Bluetooth speakers, wired earphones and just some cheap smartphones and now I realize that a headphone is needed to do audio monitoring. All I want to say is that I wasted almost a thousand dollar thinking this and that, And that was my bad. At the last these were the precious headphones that I just wasted:-

(How could I be this fool???)

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I bought some decent headphones a few years ago and was reasonably happy. They had bass boost, Bluetooth connection, volume control, microphone, etc.
When the headband on these headphones broke, a friend recommended flat signature headphones.
I started inquiring about this and bought an audio-technica ATH-M40X (I was suggested more expensive models but for my home use they are more than enough).
It was strange at first (I was used to bass boost), but I’m glad I bought them.

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