About the Playlist

If you don’t see the Playlist panel in your interface, to open it you can either

  • Use the Ctrl+6 keyboard shortcut (command+6 on MacOS)
  • Click on the Playlist icon on the top toolbar.
  • Open the View menu and click on the Playlist option.

The Playlist is a panel in the Shotcut interface where you can create a list of media files (such as video or audio clips) to be used in your project. This playlist panel allows you to easily organize and manage the media assets you plan to use in your editing timeline. You can add media files to the playlist, reorder them, and preview them before adding them to your project timeline for editing. This feature provides a convenient way to manage your media assets and streamline your editing workflow in Shotcut.

In Shotcut, the playlist feature can also be utilized independently of the timeline. This means you can use the playlist to organize and manage media files for projects that don’t necessarily require a timeline-based editing approach (see Editing and Exporting in the Quick Start Guide). This flexibility allows users to leverage the playlist functionality for various editing needs beyond traditional timeline-based editing.

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