About a problem in the timeline

The software is very slow. With each command on the timeline, the program takes a long time to execute it. In the meantime, nothing can be edited. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the program, but the problem remains the same, with no solution.
Someone can help me with it?

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What are your hardware specs?

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My iMac is this:

  • iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2011)
  • 2,7 GHz Intel Core i5
  • RAM 20 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
  • AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB
  • screen: 21,5 pol (1920 x 1080)
  • HD 610,78 GB free
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Try turning off audio waveform in timeline menu and only turn it on when needed.

My laptop is mid range with no serious GPU. (Intel Iris or something) I used the new proxy editing which is super helpfull, maybe yours is already on, if not turn it on. I was pleasantly surprised how quick proxies was generated.

Also, I cannot say if this will help, as I am still mostly useless with Shotcut, but I found with my other video editors, variable frame rate killed the process for me - it stuttered wildly especially if there was an audio track. Exported videos also had audio sync loss. Since a few months ago I always convert to fixed frame rate before importing to my video editor. It takes a long time to convert, but found it well worth the trouble.

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Unfortunately, nothing has changed

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I’m a beginner in video editing. I don’t know much about ShotCut yet. I made some simple edits with him, but only in this last one there was a problem with the timeline. I really liked ShotCut, and I don’t know how to solve this problem.

did anyone also encounter this problem in the timeline, about the processing time on each command when editing audio and video?
I’m sorry for asking this, but I’m very concerned with resolving this situation that prevents me from editing my videos.

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IDK, man. Your machine is specced out a lot better than mine, and I have never run into problems that you’re describing. You are using proxy, aren’t you?

It is known to be get slow when you have a large timeline based on the number of tracks and the duration of the project: more than 2 hours. If you brought a multiple hour clip in the timeline and only plan to use some minutes, it will be slow. Instead, you can trim it in the source player before adding it to the timeline. We have no idea about your project. Maybe you did what this one user did who did not understand how filters work, and repeated copying and pasting the filters from one clip to the next thereby doubling each time (2 -> 4 -> 8, etc). After making many clips, there were thousands of filters! Yeah, that is not going to work good. It is also known to be very slow with clips of certain format, for example, Cineform.

Otherwise, if you want to help yourself or want more help from others, you need to do more investigation. Start with nothing and figure out where/when it starts to become slow.

my friend, i can’t tell if i’m using proxy. Can you help me know? What should I do to verify this?

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Thanks for the guidance. But the problem started suddenly, and I did not change my procedures in relation to the edits I made before. It started exactly in this last video. Could it be something with OBS Studio? Could the problem be related to video capture?

For you to understand my problem, I just edited a 1h25 video. This editing took almost 4 hours, which I would do, before the problem, in 1 hour

Yes, certain encoding settings used to record can impair performance

What did you do differently with the last video, or how was the last video different than the other videos ? Did you use OBS for those as well ?

If you test a different video, one that worked previously, is it “slow” as well, or only on that new video ?

Also look for other culprits - e.g. open up task manager and see if other processes are eating up CPU cycles, maybe a virus scan, some other applications. Check your memory usage . Are other non shotcut applications slow ?

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Everything is normal on the mac, all other software works very well. Only shotcut has this problem, unfortunately.

Are you editing on the one hard drive or from a USB drive or a USB thumb drive? Editing on a HDD (Hard disk drive) may take a lot of time especially if it’s the only drive in your computer.

Can you share more of your current project like:

  • Shotcut Version (Help - About Shotcut) The latest version is 20.07.11
  • Video Mode (Click on Master or Output in the timeline then click on Properties)
  • Clips/video properties. (Select a clip you’re having an issue with, then click Properties)

My laptop is mid range with no serious GPU. (Intel Iris or something) I used the new proxy editing which is super helpfull, maybe yours is already on, if not turn it on. I was pleasantly surprised how quick proxies was generated.

Hi guys, I solved the problem. It was in the OBS Studio images. I was able to set it up and edit the video in ShotCut normally. I appreciate your patience and valuable collaboration, my friends.

Can you please provide more information to help other users affected by the problem you experienced?