Editor Stutters on slightly larger files or more overlays

Hi Guys,
First of all, thanks for this great tool and free to boot.

Am working on LInux 8 GB RAM, i5. When I shot an ~ 30min video on DSLR with ~8-9 GB file, shotcut could not handle it. When I compressed by ffmpeg command (simply works !), I could load the file onto shotcut. However, after add a few overlays it again starts stuttering. This includes the audio which is making it painful to edit. The export is fine

This issue is not seen in shorter files. Is there a workaround or is there something am not doing right ?


You need to use preview scaling and proxy editing if you want to improve performance while editing.

Also, you should be aware that when you drop a new file into the timeline, it needs to compute audio levels for the waveform, and that will take longer on longer files. Finally, the display of the waveforms in the timeline slows things, and you can turn that off temporarily in the timeline menu.


Thanks a lot. Was struggling with it for sometime. The proxy editing works well. Have not tried preview scaling yet

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