A project file with " - Repaired" in the filename will be overwritten if the original file is opened again

What is your operating system?
Linux (Manjaro KDE)

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?

  1. Create a simple project. Save and close it.
  2. Rename one of the source files.
  3. Reopen the project and repair it by selecting the new file.
  4. (optional) spend another 20 hours working on the project in your new " - Repaired" file.
  5. Accidentally open the original file, and repair it again by selecting the new file.
  6. Realise you opened the wrong file.
  7. Close Shotcut and open it again with the correct project file.
  8. Observe that your 20 hours of work has all been entirely reverted back to when you last saved the original project, since your " - Repaired" file was replaced without prompting for confirmation.
  9. Cry.

Please can this be fixed as soon as possible? I’d hate for anyone else to experience a loss of data like this :cry:

Would you rather it:

  1. ask you if you want to overwrite (and not open if declined), or
  2. automatically add a number after “Repaired” and continue?

Not that you were asking me, but since you asked … I’d be happy with either approach, but would also suggest another alternative for consideration:

  1. take us to a File Save As dialogue with the - Repaired or - Repaired ## name already filled in, and let us choose “OK” (perhaps after editing the name) or “Cancel.” At that point, if we say “OK” to overwrite an existing file, ask for confirmation on overwriting.

The nice thing about that is the overwrite warning is built into the file save dialog. I will make it do that since it provides the most options: overwrite, new name, cancel. A question is: Should I make it always show this dialog when creating a repair? Even though " - Repaired" would be in the suggested name, the user could choose to overwrite the original project file, which may be a bad thing.

I would love for it to go to the File Save As every time - that would help newbies to recognize how the file is actually being named, and give all users more control over the organization of the project. (The current method is not hard to learn … but for me, as I was learning, it was not immediately obvious the first time or two.)


Instead of a number would it be possible to have date & time.
projectfile_repaired 2021-11-23_16-22-05

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Good idea. It would help avoid this issue entirely.

Also, a minor suggestion but use the word “Fixed” instead of “Repaired” because “Fixed” is a shorter word and for file names that’s preferable.

Translators would hate it if you had control. :wink: I have already decided to go with #3 and not going to put a date and time into the file name. Files already have up to 3 dates and times.
This is fixed for the next version 21.21.

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