A little bug that can be boring

Hard and Soft environment

Shotcut Version : 19.01.27 OS : Windows 10 64 bits Video mode : HD1080p 25 fps

Processor : i7 - 3,10 GHz Ram : 16 Go Auto display : Auto

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When you reset the default appearance, the screen goes to reduced mode (very slightly) to hide the lower of the horizontal lines of the screen. Example: If you create a panel group with the timeline and keyframes, their labels will be hidden. It is necessary to restore the full screen to make them reappear again.
Can this anomaly be taken into account in the future version?
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What is that? Use the exact label that is in the UI, preferably in English but might be able to find it on other language.

If you refer to menu View > Layout > Restore Default Layout, I do not reproduce it. However, this is something very dependent on Qt, the GUI library we use. In that case, quite likely the behavior will be different for you with the new beta 19.02.20 that upgrades Qt to a major new version.

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