A line left on exported video after using resize, position and rotate filter

hi all, first time posting and have been using shotcut for about 2 weeks and absolutely loving it! any ways I inserted my company logo into a video I edited , resized it and have it in the top left corner of the vid. looked great but when i exported and watched the finished project there is one vertical line close to the logo on the screen . does anyone have an idea of how to get rid of this line or how to resize a logo/ overlay an image without having this line in the finished video???

Can we get more information - a copy of the logo file, a screen shot of how you set it up in Shotcut, an example of the line in question, etc.

Quick question to rule out some basics…
When the logo is resized, is the new width an even or odd number? If odd, does the line go away with an even width?

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