5 minor bugs found in 18.9.16

(1) Project modify indicator appears after simply clicking two parameters in the size and position filter consecutively

Clicking the width and then height for example.

(2) Ruler is inaccurate after changing the video mode from 60fps to 30fps and vice versa

Going from HD 1080p 60fps to HD 1080p 30fps for example.
Everything else seems to work fine, but the ruler is not accurate.

(3) In the Mask filter pane, reset button on the rotation sets it to 0% though the default is 50%

(4) In the Crop filter pane, reset button on center check box doesn’t toggle the rest of the parameters

Clicking the center check box toggles between Center bias and Top, Button, Left, and Right parameters.
Reset button doesn’t toggle these after I put a check mark on it.

(5) The masked image is tilted when the rotation is at 0% or 100% when using the Mask filter

(5) is not going to be fixed; that is why 50% is default. Might be best to think of those as 0% = 1 degree and 100% = 359 degrees. Maybe I can prevent it from going to 0 or 100 to avoid confusion.

Would simply expressing it as x degrees(1-359) instead of a 0-100 eliminate the confusion better than a 1-99 scale?

A default of 180° would look very wrong to most people.

Agreed, I suppose you could do a default of 0 with +/- 179 instead?

Yes, good idea. I can remap the value into that range.

These are all fixed for the next release v18.10 including the remapping of the Mask > Rotation to +/- 179.9.

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