4x HD Videos to a 4k Video scale


at first, sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

I have a Problem, yesterday i have start to work with shotcut, and is realy a excellent tool.

i have see the Movies “Split Screen” ( in the end of this Text )
and it was only possible in a Full HD Video a “Picture in Picture” to scale.

I will / like the Carpet pad / Workbook / Preview window up scale to 4K, and then small HD videos insert. The Insert is not the problem, and the cut and customize too.

I can only of the insert HD Video up scale to 200% and other HD Videos take smaller size in a Picture to Picture…

Here are the videos, but they could only help me a little bit.



The first and most important thing is setting your Video Mode to a 4k preset.

You might be leaving your Video Mode set to Automatic which will not work if you are opening an HD video as your first source.

Another tutorial to consider watching is this one.

A many dear heartfelt thanks!


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