.3GP file not playing in Shotcut

I am quite new to learning how to make a simple basic video, but am thrilled to have run across Shotcut. Would like to know the best way to get my .3GP video to play when I open it up in Shotcut. I have looked at most all the basic tutorials that show how to open up the program and bring in video/audio. I have also read ALL the FAQs, tried a few little things, but unable to get my video to play. There are a few converters out there but would prefer to use one that you recommend. Please see specs below, and thanks again for Shotcut!

OS: Windows 8.1
64 Bit
2 GB
Windows Media Player 10 (installed)
Shotcut version: 19.07.15

It appears your computer is severely short on Memory.

.3gp is old phone footage, does it play in VLC? If not it’s possible the file is corrupt.

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