360 hemispherical plugin - rotate/mirror one side of image?

I’ve got a Qoocam camera I’m using for 360 video and I’m having a little trouble figuring out the correct transforms to use with the 360 hemispherical to equirectangular plugin so that I can use Shotcut for stitching instead of the vendor app that doesn’t support GPU hardware acceleration.

It appears that my camera’s default output has a different orientation than you would expect with other cameras. An example is shown below of the raw input before any processing and the plugin output on default settings:

If I take the left image A and do a vertical mirror then rotate 180 degrees I can get the kind of output shown in the third example where I can at least start to play with the sliders to dial in the correct offsets.

Is there any plugin that will allow me to apply mirror/rotate operations specifically on the left side of the image as part of the Shotcut effects flow?

Honestly right now I am thinking about just doing a quick hack to filter_mirror.c for my own purposes to restrict it to the left half and do a rotate but it would take me some time to get my build environment setup so I’d love to know if there’s an easier way.

I’m not sure, but there is filters for 360 video.




Yes I understand they were fairly recently merged into the main release and would work great if my camera adhered to the expected image orientation for each hemisphere.

This may become a more common issue as more 3d/360 cameras start to go into common use but I’m not sure where the appropriate place might be to offer these functions.

I’m not sure you’d want to complicate the base filters for “Mirror” or “Size, Position & Rotate” so maybe a 360 Mirror/Rotate filter would make sense?

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