360 Ewan - Episode 001 - San Antonio Riverwalk Museum Reach 2019

A 360 Video that I edited with Shotcut - Basically used Insta360’s studio program to output mp4 at 5760x2880 and 29.970030. Took the resulting mp4s into Shotcut and made my edits and added music and some filters. Exported with the same resolution and constant bitrate (100M), then used Google’s program to inject my 360 metadata back into the final video.

Hope y’all enjoy!

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@Leo_Sutic created a few plugins for 360 video editing. These can be used within Shotcut.

Maybe for your next project you can use the plugins and give some feedback about how they work.

The filters and UI are also available here.

Here is the tool he refers to:

It is easy for power users even with only a little familiarity with python. This step is necessary for any video service or spherical player (e.g. VLC) to understand that this is a 360 video.

P.S. Shotcut will be getting more support for 360 video, but I still need a C/C++ or JavaScript way to inject this metadata as Shotcut does not include python.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the plugins would help if I’m using the Insta360 One X - unless I do the stitching first in their product, in which case, I’m not sure that I’d save any time using it? Maybe I’m misunderstanding the point?

Yes, that’s the one! They provide a nice “built” solution so you don’t have to install Python first, so pretty easy to use.

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He is just pointing to something related in this niche video category.

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