30fps clip in a 60fps project; keep every frame at 2x speed

I’ve searched the forum with this question and found two threads with similar questions, but the resolutions were never quite clear enough for my needs. Here is what I’m trying to do.

First of all, this is a time-lapse project with 27,000 initial jpg images converted into a 15-minute H.264 1080p 30fps via GoPro Studio. Unfortunately, I did not have the option to compile the images into 60fps video, so I exported it at 30fps and have been hoping to drop it into a 60fps project here in Shotcut, and have it export into a 7.5-minute video.

I’m wanting to keep every single frame of the original 30fps in the 60fps project, but am not sure how Shotcut handles speeding up the file to 2x speed. When adding the video to the project the clip remains 15 minutes long, so clearly Shotcut is maintaining timestamps (by the second) rather than counting frames. If I double the speed of the 30fps clip in my 60fps project, will it simply remove every other frame, and then at export will each frame be doubled to be a 60fps video? Or will doubling the speed 2x keep everything frame and simply squish the 30 frames per second into half a second at export, resulting in a video half the length (7.5 minutes) of my original 15-minute clip?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I would suggest to use Shotcut to convert your original image sequence:

If you want to use the 30fps h.264 file…

  1. Create a new project at 60fps
  2. Open the 30fps file (at this point, every frame will be displayed twice to make the conversion)
  3. Set the speed to 2x (at this point, every frame will be displayed once)

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