2 camera views from a rock concert

I have 2 seperate videos of the same concert. I will pick only one of the audio tracks.
What will be the steps required for me to combine selected parts into a single video?

See here: Playing two Videos at the same time

Quite a simple thing. :slight_smile:

  1. Place the two videos on two separate tracks on the timeline and sync them using the audio from them.
  2. When this done, simply mute the track which audio You don’t want to use.
  3. Cut out the overlaying video track from desired places (to see the track under it), or use the opacity filter with keyframing (on the overlaying track).
  4. IMPORTANT! NEVER MOVE THE VIDEOS ON THE TRACKS (after 1.), if you do, the sync will be lost!

That’s all. :slight_smile:

How about a program that displays time code on a smart phone? Point both cameras at the smart phone for a couple of seconds. Then all you have to do is match the time codes from each camera.

Would that help?

I see what you did there. Innovative but not practical in this case. The 2 videos are already made (by 2 seperate random concert goers)
I was able to Lip sync, then get my video made. I will need more practice with Shotcut. I made it harder than it should be.

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